A Greenhouse Rises In Harlem

Forget, ” A tree grows in Brooklyn”, a greenhouse rises in HARLEM!

As we enter phase 2 of our very ambitious urban farming initiative, I am proud to announce the completion of our hydroponic greenhouse, that will produce up to 500 bunches of micro greens a week. Twenty five percent will be giving to the families at our school, while the remaining seventy five percent will be purchased by Corner Social (Local restaurant).
We are attempting to be one hundred percent carbon neutral, by going to total solar power, and a high capacity rain catchment and filtration system.
The hydroponics greenhouse allows the students to learn experientially through an integrated curriculum.   Concepts such as how to grow, harvest and prepare leafy greens and herbs and better choices are developed.   Since it’s inception, this project has gained the attention of the media, community members and other school districts, but we cant do this without donations from generous people like you.
We encourage you to come take a look at the progress we’ve made uptown, our greenhouse is located on West 134th Street, between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. across from  Henry H. Garnet School of Success in Harlem, New York.