Harlem Grown

How to Contribute

Volunteer Days

We have volunteer days on Saturdays. So stop by and help between the hours of 10am – 3pm. Garden closes at 4pm. Follow us on Facebook for weekly updates.

Volunteer Opportunities

Contact us to inquire about a volunteer project. Please note: All Harlem Grown volunteers must be supervised by parent group who will send a point person who is at least 18 years of age or older.

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Corporate Volunteering 

Harlem Grown works with corporate groups of up to 30. Volunteersplant and clean up community and school gardens, organize and run cultural events, plant trees, and provide recyclingoutreach and assistance at major events. Harlem Grown also forms partnerships with organizations that want to come back to a site several times a year, giving the volunteers a sense of investment and involvement in the community, and allowing us to take on major renovation projects.

Make a Contribution

When you give to Harlem Grown, you are helping to provide access to fresh and local food, support local urban farms, grow and maintain vibrant green spaces and community gardens,help all New Yorkers recycle more and waste less, and create the next generation of environmental leaders.

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Buy a T-shirt

Buy a t-shirt now to help us continue our programming. Be a fashionista for a good cause. Show the world how you Harlem Grown!

Every bit helps keep our garden green, So buy some t-shirts to wear and to give as gifts. Use your shopping power to help!

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