Our Programs

What we are doing

Recycling materials

Community Projects

Our partnership with local organizations allow us to teach children the importance of recycling

Urban Farms

Harlem is home base

Operating several local urban farms in the neighborhood using organic methods

Youth Development

After School/Garden

Working with students after school and in the garden develops patterns of healthy habits

Food Access

Harlem's Challenge

Eating healthy food is about accessibility. Almost void of grocery stores, the neighborhood

Our Mission

Highlights from our results
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    We think differently about how to solve

    Providing children with resources, Made easy...

    It started with a vision for organic urban farming and blossomed into the Harlem Success Garden.

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    Commitment to the blueprint

    When you teach properly, the children learn properly

    The hydroponics greenhouse allows the students to learn experientially through an integrated curriculum. We encourage all to come visit our beautiful and greenhouse.

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    Any community is only as strong as the condition of the people

    Learn a little, do a lot, and teach more.

    Thousands have seen the prototype but millions can make it a house whole product.

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    Solutions are just the beginning for commitment members

    Help us reach more schools and buld more.

    The greenhouse acts as glimmer of hope for what the right resources, funding, and people can do when positively motivated.

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    Commitment to the children

    Why stop at healthy food

    Building healthy experiences can also lead a hand in the fight against community issues that impact our children.

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    Time for expansion

    The people have voted.

    Children want more programs, urban gardens, and opportunities .

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